What clients say about Smarter Thinking…

It improved my perspective on the current work situation…helped considerably in dealing with emotions“- Bluechip Organisation Employee

He appears to take time to prepare himself prior to practice and is less anxious if he has a bad performance” – Parent of a young Cricketer

It helped to take the words “must” and “need to” out of my thoughts, taking pressure off myself” – Soccer Athlete

It really is amazing to see how the body reacts just from the thoughts that are being processed” – Skier

“I know I am a good archer, now I am physically fit, my style is excellent and my head is now in the right place, because of everything we have worked through, I do have a more relaxed attitude towards archery which is benefiting my scores greatly and I can put everything negative happens in the right perspective and minimise the gravity if you like, and helps me to recover better and I’m just more chilled, and to do a good shot you have to be relaxed, and it hasn’t effected my motivation and that was a big scare that it might” – County Archer

The main help it gave me is helping me redirect my focus and decrease the pressure I was putting on myself” – University Student

I have improved as a person and as a player” – Cricketer

The rational thinking helped considerably in dealing with the emotions around being made redundant” – Bluechip Organisation Employee

It helped me to bounce back from failure and not dwell on things” – Soccer Athlete

He has become more relaxed, confident as the sessions have developed” – Coach of a young Cricketer

“I think this type of programme could be used for other areas of the business to manage the constant state of change in most businesses today” – Bluechip Organisation Employee

I was able to perform to the best of my ability” – University Student

“I wasn’t convinced at the beginning that you could help. I followed what you said to the letter, slowly I was surprising myself, my mind-set was changing as well as improving my scores as I went along. I wasn’t as anxious when little issues arose and I had those little statements which I printed and carried which helped a lot.” – County Archer

Most importantly he is enjoying his swimming again and looks forward to his competitions. His confidence of being in control of his own feelings before and after a race is clear and other parents and coaches have commented” – Parent of young swimmer