What Business Can Learn From Sport Psychology

How are the best athletes in the world able to function under the immense pressure of competition? By harnessing the potential of their minds to train smart, stay committed, focus, and deliver winning performances with body and mind when the time is right.

The mental side of performance has always been a crucial component for success – but nowadays coaches, teams, and athletes of all levels and abilities are using sport psychology to help fulfil their potential and serve up success.

It goes without saying that business performance has many parallels with sporting performance. But did you realize that the scientific principles of sport psychology, used by elite athletes the world over, are being used by some of the most successful business professionals? Performance – in any context – is about utilizing and deploying every possible resource to fulfil your potential.

This book is about getting into a winning state of body and mind for your performance – whatever that might be – sales pitches, presentations, leadership, strategic thinking, delivery, and more.

In What Business Can Learn From Sport Psychology you will develop the most important weapon you need to succeed in business: your mental approach to performance. This book reveals the secrets of the winning mind by exploring the strategies and techniques used by the most successful athletes and professionals on the planet.

As you read this book you will learn about practical and powerful techniques and refine your mental approach to business performance.

Based on decades of scientific research, the authors’ professional experiences, and the experiences of winning athletes and business professionals, this book is a practical and evidence-driven resource that will teach you how to deal with pressure, break through adversity, embrace challenges, project business confidence, and much more.

– Discover and Utilize sport psychology techniques to Maximize your potential and that of your organization

– Develop ways to not just cope but Thrive under pressure

– Harness the power of your mind to avoid Overthinking; Seize your Opportunities

– Understand the Power of Communication, Preparation, and Pre-Performance Routines

– Prevent destructive thoughts from taking hold

– Learn how to Self-Regulate in pressure situations through Relaxation and Activation Exercises

– Full of practical guidance, and tried-and-tested performance methodologies