Rebound from Failure the Smarter Way

Dear Smarter Thinkers

One of us was fortunate enough to be interviewed by the amazing Amy Morin, contributor to, this summer. The resulting article that Amy crafted was about how Smarter Thinking can be used to help rebound from failure. In particular, the article talks about the idea of using rational and logical thought processes to put failure in perspective.

We have linked the article to this post for anyone interested in reading about how to rebound from failure…enjoy!

In fact while promoting our book “What Business Can Learn From Sport Psychology” we wrote a number of pieces that found their way online this year. The articles are based on content from the book but many are stand-alone articles. Here is one we wrote about overthinking in business for Here is one we wrote for The CEO Magazine about performing under pressure.

Any comments welcome.

Think Smarter and prosper.


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